Wednesday November 13 , 2019
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Below are lists of the various features in the template release from core template features to integrated extensions support.

Top Features

110 Preset Styles: There are 10 preset styles in both light and dark variations, and matching colour schemes.

2SEO Layout: a structure catered to the needs of search engine optimisation with a main-left-right code layout.

3Fusion Menu: powerful new dropdown menu with javascript transitions, menu icons, subtexs and multi-column support.

Core Template Features

Below is a list of the core template features which pertain to this release.

  • RokQuickCart
    A javascript based cart component. A quick and easy way to setup a shop in your Joomla site.
  • Custom Fonts
    Use non-standard fonts for your web content, without having the user install the font.
  • K2 Support
    Integrated styling for the powerful content component K2 from JoomlaWorks.
  • Javascript Styling: Radios and Checkboxes
    Additional styling for form elements, such as radios and checkboxes, for visual integration.
  • IE6 Warning Message
    A dropdown panel will appear in IE6, alerting the visitor to update their browser. This can be disabled in the template parameters.
  • Module Variations
    Moxy has 10 module hilites: square, square2 ... square5 & round, round2 ... round5; which provide optional, individual styling to certain modules.
  • Content Typography
    Customised typography, such as list styles and span notices, are included with this release.
  • 32 Module Positions
    The template has 32 module positions which are collapsible.
  • Browser Compatibility
    The theme is compatibility with all the major and modern browsers: FF 3.5, Safari 4, Opera 9.6, IE 6, 7, 8. Some features may only appear in certain browsers such as text shadows.

RocketTheme Extensions

Below is a list of RocketTheme Extensions that have either been styled specifically for this template release, or are showcased in this demo. For more details regarding RocketTheme Extensions as a whole, or more detailed information on an individual extension, please visit

  • RokStories Module
    Functional showcase module for displaying content items and their accompanying images in an interactive and versatile manner.
  • RokCandy Component
    A component that provides BBcode style functionality for Joomla for swift and easy implementation of complex code.
  • RokBox Plugin
    Javascript popup / litebox utility, can be used for images, links, videos, websites, PDFs and much more.
  • RokAjaxSearch Module
    Ajax powered module, allowing for interactive search of both local Joomla pages and the web with its Google integration.
  • RokTabs Module
    Tabbed content module, perfect for maximising content exposure without sacrificing on site real estate. Built-in mootools effects.
  • RokNavMenu Module
    RokNavMenu is a foundational extensions which is at the core of the inbuilt menu systems and is a requirement for the template menus to operate.
  • RokGzipper Plugin
    A performance plugin that compressed your CSS and JS files via GZip which results in faster page loads.

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