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The Duties and Responsibilities of a Charity Trustee
Governance The Duties & Responsibilities of a Trustee of a Charity

As part of our ongoing series of ‘Short Focus Series’ here are some brief thoughts  about some of the responsibilities you have as a trustee of your charity.

Before you start make sure you are eligible.

As a trustees you have six main duties:

  • Ensuring your charity is carrying out its purpose for public benefit
  • Comply with your Governing Document
  • Act in your Charity’s best interest
  • Manage your charity’s resources responsibly
  • Act with reasonable care and skill
  • Ensure you charity is accountable

As a trustee you should make decisions about the charity together with your fellow trustees, working as a team. There are a set of guidelines about decision making and these include, acting within your powers, in good faith, ensuring your decisions are informed taking into account all relevant factors, dealing with conflicts of interest and ensuring decisions are within your guidelines as laid down in your Governing Document.

Trustees of Charities can be personally liable, although this is extremely rare, if they cause financial loss by acting improperly or if a third party has a legal claim that the charity can not meet. It is important to understand the risks and protect yourself and the charity.

The full guide on Duties and Responsibilities can be found in the RESOURCE CENTRE. 

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