Welcome to The Choral Network

Choral singing is enjoying something of a renaissance at the moment. No longer the realm of the privileged minority, it is now an activity that is enjoyed by a great many people over an ever-wider age and ethnic spread. And within that, the choral workshop is also growing in popularity – an opportunity to spend a few hours doing what you love without necessarily the level of commitment needed to be involved in the full-scale performance of a great work – what’s not to like?

Here at TCN, we believe that you will get the most out of your choral singing if you are able to perform to the best of your ability as a choir member. So we have developed a series of workshops that will help you understand what that means for you and will give you strategies to help fulfil your potential. That is not to say that we will be overly studious about it; we want the process to be as fun and enjoyable as always.

To launch our season of choral workshops we have put together three sessions covering music from the Baroque to the present day with music at different levels.  This is just the beginning:  from early next spring we will have an even greater variety of music for you to enjoy - singing in a sociable setting with great leaders.

We also have 3 great opening offers for you:

  • Book on or before 31 August 2018 and you get an Early Bird discount of 10% off all workshops
  • Book for 2 workshops and a total of £5 off
  • Book for all 3 workshops and get £10 off

A full explanation on how to get these offers is on the payments screen when you checkout.