What it costs to join the
Treatments You Can Trust Register


We check:

  • you are a qualified Practitioner
  • your Premises are suitable

We charge to do these checks. We base our charges upon the number of Practitioners you register, and the number of Premises you use for cosmetic injectables.

  • Our basic charge for first registration of one practitioner is £400, and for two premises £100.
  • What we charge is shown in full at below.
  • We ask you to pay online.
  • We use Paypal (you do not need to have a Paypal account).


Whats involved

To accept you on the TYCT Register we need to check you are qualified as a practitioner, and that your premises meet minimum standards.  We charge to do these checks.  We publish the Standards, and a TYCT Guide on how to register.

Once we have accepted you, we publish your full details on our website, which is designed to help patients choose a verified safe provider of treatments. We provide you with a certificate to display, and a logo to include in your marketing material. We will advertise your new status as a verified provider of injectable cosmetics. This is all included in the initial fee.

We ask you to renew your Registration annually, for which we charge.  

We base our charges upon the number of practitioners you register, and the number of premises you use for cosmetic injectables.


A Practitioner is an individual who is appropriately trained (i.e., the training meets the requirements of the Health Education England framework) to administer cosmetic injectable treatments and is therefore eligible to appear on the Register.
A Lead Practitioner who is professionally responsible for one or more practitioners and whose name is displayed on the Register as such.

Fees for Practitioners and Lead Practitioners

Initial registration fees for Practitioners, including Lead Practitioners:

  • 1 Practitioner - £400.00
  • 2 Practitioners-£800.00
  • 3 Practitioners-£1,200.00
  • 4 Practitioners-£1,300.00
  • 5 Practitioners-£1,500.00
  • more than 5 Practitioners - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Premises are a place which meets the TYCT Standards and where treatment takes place.

Fees for Premises

  • Up to 2 Premises - £100
  • 3 Premises-£200
  • 4 Premises-£300
  • 5 Premises-£400
  • 6 Premises-£500
  • 7 Premises-£600
  • 8 Premises-£700
  • 9 Premises-£800
  • 10 Premises-£900
  • more than 10 Premises - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


For Premises not already approved by CQC, or RQIA, HIW, HIS (Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland) – we will visit the premises to inspect its standards, for which we charge an additional fee related to time and distance from London.  Prices upon application to TYCT.

Clinic Organisations

A Clinic Organisation will be under one ownership. It will have unified clinical governance arrangements for all its Premises and one or more registered staff practitioners under a lead practitioner.

Initial registration fees will be agreed between TYCT and the owner based on the rates for Practitioners and Premises adjusted for quantity and governance arrangements.

Additional information

  • Annual Renewal for the second and third year is charged at 50% of the initial registration rate. This applies to renewals of subscription taking place from 1 February 2016. For those first registered before 1 Feb 2015 this renewal discount applies from 25 September 2016.
  • On Renewal for the fourth year we ask you to refresh the initial information you give us about your governance arrangements that we will then check, and for which we will charge the 80% of the initial registration rate current at renewal. If do not maintain your registration for the three years, we will treat renewal as an initial registration.
  • New Premises, additional Premises or changes of Premises will be charged at the initial single site registration rate.
  • Change of Registered Practitioner named on the Register – free on a one-for-one basis
  • On-site checks.  A condition of registration is that we may make an on-site check at 24 hours notice to see that you are maintain the Standards.

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Quality Assurance

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