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vatmate is a cost-effective eCommerce VAT tracking, data logging and VAT and VAT MOSS reporting solution for all businesses who sell online. 

Get ahead of the competition

Whether you’re selling to consumers or other businesses within the UK, cross-border to EU member states or further afield, you know it makes sense to sell online. Your customers are online, and so are your competitors.

Rather than fight it, exploit it! Stay one step ahead...

We’ve got your back

If you’re supplying goods or digitally delivered services, you need to understand value-added-tax and you need to know the rules around VAT on eCommerce.  The data captured can be used to support and 'back up' your VAT reports should you be faced with a formal VAT Inspection.

You track every transaction and keep good records. But, how do you know what VAT rate to charge on every item, on every sale? How do you identify the relevant tax authority? Or prove that your business complies with the law?

Be smart. Stay compliant.

On 7 April 2016, the European Commission (EC) adopted an Action Plan that seeks to provide a definitive VAT system for cross-border suppliers.

If your business supplies digital services, you need to know if your services are being sold to individual consumers, to other businesses or to a mixture of both. You also need to know where each of your customers are located when they purchase your digitally delivered service or services.

In this Blog, we look at how tax authorities are responding to the growth in the digital economy and highlight a few of the challenges that this ‘destination-based approach to tax’ creates for businesses who supply digitally delivered services to Europe.

Telecommunications, broadcasting and electronic services are taxed in the country where the customer belongs – regardless of whether the customer is a business or consumer. This law applies if the supplier is based within or outside the EU.