Bupa Cromwell Hospital
Wi-Fi Terms of Use

Internet access is provided subject to the following Terms of Use. If these Terms of Use are not adhered to, Bupa Cromwell Hospital may withdraw access to the service. You must be over 16 to agree to these Terms of Use.

Use of the Bupa Cromwell Hospital computer network or any of its components constitutes acceptance of its policies and procedures, including the monitoring of activity required to protect the Bupa Cromwell Hospital and for the safeguarding of patient data. If access to illegal content is detected, the Bupa Cromwell Hospital will inform the appropriate authorities and will support any subsequent investigation.
Bupa Cromwell Hospital makes every effort to ensure the sites you visit are safe and acceptable, and filtering is in place to restrict access to content known to be illegal, contrary to this policy or judged to be potentially offensive if accessed in a public place.
A ‘Childsafe’ access level which allows access only to sites known to be directed toward, and specifically approved for, young children is available to parents and guardians upon request.
The Bupa Cromwell Hospital internet access should not be used to :-

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