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"We offer a full and professional Consultancy Service that provides expertise in engineering within the Cleanroom Environment and related Industries. To discuss your options we can arrange a Virtual engagement or Site visit for measure and inspection. Our goal is to create seamless solutions to your problems."

Call us to discuss on 087 264 8668 or email joreilly@strikeboxengineering.ie to arrange consultancy.

Client Consultation

We form close working relationships with our clients and we like to think of them as part of the family. We do this with onsite consultation, equipment integration and active communication with clients.

Solutions Experts

Strikebox has a global reach serving clients such as multinational manufacturers and medium-sized enterprises. Strikebox has an in-house design team and fabrication team that are experts in bespoke stainless-steel solutions.


We design and manufacturing Stainless Steel equipment for the Pharmaceutical, BioProcessing, Medical Device, Chemical, Food Process and related industries. In our work we help reshape the Healthcare Industry in what is now the most challenging of times.


Strikebox provide drawings and 3D renders of the solution before the client signs off. Strikebox Engineering have been awarded ISO 9001; 2015 Quality Management Certificate by Intertek Certification Limited.


The In-house fabricators, welders and technicians are experienced in fabricating solutions for Pharma, Manufacturing and technology industries. At Strikebox Engineering, our Welders are Certified to Standards BS EN 9606-1:2013.


Our clients are like family to us and we pride ourselves in providing ongoing support whenever required. As one client said "We appreciate the value of the support we get."

Strikebox Biocontainers

Single-use solutions experts providing stainless steel housing for all Biocontainers. Strikebox Biocontainers are made from Stainless-steel, bespoke and compatible with every bag manufacturer in the industry.

Strikebox Totes suits all models of tugs and can feature specific tug brackets during design consultancy. Strikebox Stainless-steel Tote has the ability to split for smaller batches, every required volume up to 1000 litres. Strikebox features a bag securing system with works for different volumes.

The Strikebox Totes can feature forklift grids to ensure stability during transfer. Totes can be stacked when empty or filled, just enquire to learn more about weight.

Strikebox has design experts in the field of Stainless-steel totes with over 20 years of designing for Biopharmaceutical manufacturers. Strikebox Stainless steel containers are a leading product in the field of single-use technology. The Strikebox storing totes are reliable, stackable, and convenient.

Mettler Toledo weighing or fill monitoring systems available with load cells built into the legs. Digital interface to measure the weight of content in the Tote.

Strikebox partners with Mastermover to provide moving equipment that can move the Totes.

Stainless steel is a premium quality material, extremely durable with a long life. Stainless steel is easy to clean and cleanroom compliant. Stainless steel is autoclavable, has superior surface quality with no adhesion to bags. The Strikebox customization process is flexible and economical with designers experienced in stainless steel customization.

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