Be aware of very cheap deals

Link to MailOnline articleThe old saying goes, when it sounds too good to be true, chances are it isn't, as this patient found out when taking up a Groupon deal recently.

Read the Daily Mail article of 7 January 2016

Dr Ecclestone, Lead Practitioner at MediZen, speaking on behalf of Allergan, a major manufacturer of cosmetic substances, commented

"If you plan to undergo treatment, ensure you see a doctor or nurse prescriber for a proper consultation, and insist on seeing the product packaging and the that the brand advertised is the one you are receiving.

Ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable that the product is right for you.

Do not fall for special offers or pressure to undergo treatment. Ensure the clinic you are attending is CQC registered, and check the qualifications of the practitioner beforehand.

Check out 'Treatments you can Trust' website to find a reputable practitioner.

'In the right hands, the effects will be natural, soft and subtle, and improve self-confidence. In the wrong hands, as this case shows, the effects can also be life-changing, but for the worse".

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