Injectable cosmetic treatments patient guide

You should take care when choosing who treats you, where, and with what. It is your body after all - take care of it!

  • Treatments You Can Trust gives advice on providers of cosmetic injectable treatments.
  • cosmetic-injectable-treatment-lying-downTreatments You Can Trust gives you the assurance that providers registered with the scheme are practising in accordance with a set of recognised standards.

While these treatments are safe when delivered by trained people in suitable surrounding, when you see the Quality Assurance Mark. you can be sure the person you are going to allow to treat you is a suitably qualified and that the premises are safe.

Before you select your cosmetic treatment provider, Treatments You Can Trust helps guide you to making a safe choice. You should consult the Treatments You Can Trust Register of people and organisations who are qualified and trained to administer cosmetic treatments.

For more information see our Patient FAQs and Treatment Guide

When you visit a cosmetic treatment establishment - Look out for the Quality Assurance Mark. When it is displayed you can be sure that you are getting Treatments You Can Trust.


Cosmetic Surgery procedures are provided in clinics and hospitals registered by the Care Quality Commission (or the equivalent regulator in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland) - these are not the same as cosmetic injectable and cosmetic laser / ILS treatments and should not be confused.

Treatments You Can Trust advises that children or young persons, under the age of 18 years must not be treated using either injectable or laser / ILS treatments unless there is a sound clinical indication and then only under the direct supervision of a medical practitioner.

Quality Assurance Mark

Look for the Quality Assurance Mark before you book your injectable treatment!

Treatments You Can Trust

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